Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My latest creation

I have been upset with a stupid boy all day. The thing is, I think I'm pretty wonderful, and it really galls me when anyone treats me like I'm just some girl. I'm not just some girl. I'm one of the most wonderful, sweet, amazing girls you'll ever have the good fortune to meet! So how dare you be so blase about spending time with me?!? You should be so lucky to have the opportunity!!

I was making a card for Izzi and Tim (only two weeks late for their wedding :-S), and I decided I needed to make a card for this boy, too. So after a long hiatus from drawing (pretty much since Africa last summer), here is my latest creation.

In other news, Izzi and Tim's (or Tisobel's, if you prefer) wedding was wonderful, beautiful, and the most fun I've had in quite a long time. You better believe I shook my little booty quite a bit. The ceremony was hilarious. The minister actually quoted the Princess Bride! I could not believe it! It was a bit sad, though, because few British people have seen the Princess Bride so no one else had any idea what he was on about, but I was laughing hysterically in my seat.

The PhD guy pulled me off the project for the moment. He needed to get it done more quickly and I was holding him back. He said I can help him in November when he gets back from traveling. I'm not gonna pretend I wasn't a little bit devastated. I may have cried into my pillow and sobbed over the phone to Holly. And considering I now work long hours seven days a week in two jobs that give me zero feelings of satisfaction or fulfillment, it's no wonder that I'm feeling a bit frustrated with life. But I won't lose hope. I'm moving in a couple weeks and I hope that will be a positive experience. It's a much bigger room, for less than I pay now, and I'll be living with a good, diseases-loving friend and her childhood friend, though it is a bit far out and clear on the other side of town from both my jobs. It's gonna be good, though. I can feel it. I will make it so.