Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lunches, brunches, and Greenwiches

I think I'm well overdue for an update, and I've been meaning to write lately because there are some changes going on, but I am a busy, busy little bee!

Last weekend, Tisobel had me over for lunch with their friend, Oliver, on Saturday. I had such a nice time. Izzi made duck and it was AMAZING! Then on Sunday, I had brunch with the girls (Tanya was back in town for a week!!!), then Tisobel had me over for Sunday roast dinner (again, naturally, it was delicious). So I got to hang out with Tisobel (and eat their food) two days in a row. It was pretty much the highlight of my year. It's all downhill from here!

Remember back when I was talking about following the Prime Meridian line north in order to find a new place to live cuz London was driving me crazy? Well, since that failed, I'm following the line to its source instead! I've always loved Greenwich and wanted to live there, but I assumed that it was really expensive to live there because it's so nice. I can't afford to continue living in my current place, because I don't make enough money at work and this flat is so friggin' far out of central London, it should really be a lot cheaper. Anyway, a girl from work and her boyfriend are looking for a place, too, so we decided to look for a two-bedroom flat in...Greenwich! Turns out, because transport links to Greenwich aren't stellar, it's actually cheaper than much of London. So we put down a holding deposit on a flat last week. I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing because it hasn't gone terribly smoothly so far and they sprung a bunch of extra fees on us as soon as we paid the deposit, but we'll see.

Other news, I've decided to try to follow the management track at work, since I have no job prospects in public health/research. I have a year left on my visa, and assuming that's all I'll get, I'm gonna settle in and commit to something. Also, we're opening a store in Edinburgh soon and I SOOOOOOOO want to go there! Edinburgh is GORGEOUS! And full of Scottish accents!

I just got my paycheck for this month, and it's more than twice as much money as it should be. This is great, but very worrying, as I'll obviously have to give some of it back, or not get paid next month or something like that. I really wish this company wasn't staffed by buffoons. It would make life easier.

Today: brunch with some former coworkers who all happen to be Seattlites. My FAVORITE manager, who moved to head office several months ago, and his wife are hosting and it's set to be a doozy! Pancakes with fruit and chocolate chips, eggs, bacon, sausages, champagne...I really need to go shower and get over there before my tummy abandons ship and goes without me!