Monday, July 30, 2007

Nine million faces. Nine million names. Nine million stories.

Nine million children are refugees right now. is a UN Refugee Agency led campaign to raise awareness and funds for education and sport programs for refugee youth, many of whom are forced to spend years of their young lives away from home with little hope of returning. What happens to them now, during their years as refugees, is up to all of us.

Go to Do it!

Also, you should check out my friend, R's, blog. She spent this summer interning for the UN at a refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya. See:


  1. I donated some money just now to the Nine Million cause. Thanks for showing me this!

  2. :D Good for you! I must admit, I haven't donated any money, but I have applied to be a volunteer at a local refugee association. I hope they accept me! My philosophy: you don't have to feel like a jerk if you don't have money to give; your time and even your voice are just as valuable.

  3. Actually, time and voice are probably more valuable! That's awesome that you've applied to volunteer. You rock!