Saturday, September 05, 2009

Yeah, so, I sort of have a master's degree

After a year of studying, three months of working on my master's dissertation project, and two weeks straight of sitting on my ass staring at my computer screen, I am officially done with my master's program. It is just about the most anticlimactic feeling ever. Both of our course directors decided to go out of town for this stressful and momentous time, so there was no official party plan or anything. It's just...over. We don't get our results until December and we don't officially graduate until March (don't ask why; these British are crazy).

I am no longer a master's degree student. However, I don't technically have a master's degree. But you can all still call me Master Kusems (or Mistress Kusems, if you prefer).

In other news, I completely blew my Anthropologie group interview. They sent me an email saying that my skills and experience were impressive, but they've decided to go with another candidate (several others, actually, including Alex). In other words, my skills and experience are impressive, but in person, I am not. I'm upset not so much because I wanted the job, but because I KNOW I could do the job really well yet I didn't show them that. I didn't make that clear. I didn't even realize it myself until after I flubbed the interview.

Oh well. Moving on. Moving on with everything. I'm in a scary place in my life right now, living off borrowed money with no job prospects and no clear idea of which way to turn. A more adventurous person would be thrilled by the freedom and promise of it all. I am not a more adventurous person, but I am trying to be. I'm trying to think on the bright side. The world is my oyster. I can go anywhere from here. Right? I have impressive skills and experience, though apparently not a very impressive personality.

I'm gonna go watch 30 Rock because it makes me laugh and forget my self-loathing for 24 or so minutes.


  1. You totally are an adventurous person, and don't you forget it! I admire how adventurous you are every time I read one of your blog posts.

  2. Oh, Kusems...

    What's scarier: your life right now, or a haunted house?