Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Weird day

Weird day today. Not bad, just weird. Boys confuse me. Let's leave it at that.

Today being the first of December (oops, forgot it was World AIDS Day!), decorations arrived at the pub and I was recruited to help out (you know, since I'm a girl and all girls are great at decorations.) Apparently, head office instructed the general managers at all the chain pubs to have "a couple people come in an hour early to help decorate." Then they provided each pub with some of the shittiest-looking decorations in the world. A couple people and a spare hour were not nearly enough. We received two Christmas trees worthy of starring in A Charlie Brown Christmas Special, 4 sets of gharishly blue white lights, two long lengths of red ribbon (unknown purpose), several glass ornaments, some fresh-cut holly, a few thick branches off an evergreen tree, a couple wreaths to hang from our glass doors (?), and some bare willow branches spray-painted either silver or red and covered in matching glitter. All pieces which could have been elements of great Christmas decorations, if only the other elements were available and if only it was a much smaller pub. Also, no nails or staple guns were provided for affixing these random bits of trees to anything. That left a bunch of us with a bunch of messy but useless decorations. In the end, one of the managers went out and bought more supplies (including ribbon and more ornaments) which ended up making the place look way more festive than head office's supplies could.

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  1. Want me to ship you the everything-times-four tree? I likely won't be putting it up anyway...

    Of course, if you want it to look picture-perfect, you will need Ms. Petey to help you put it up :D

    (PS, my word verification is whishare - a good question, why indeed?)