Sunday, June 20, 2010


I don't get it. Why is my blog getting spammed? Every single post gets some nonsense comment from someone. Lame!

I went to Royal Ascot yesterday with old coworkers from the pub. It was so much fun! I saw the Queen live for the first time. It only took me two years of living in this country. I bet £5 on the first race, on a horse called Tiz My Time ridden by a US jockey, picked by name, of course. I won £15 back! I couldn't believe it! After the races, we headed back into town and caught the England football game. It was bo-ho-ring, but I made friends in the pub with an American from Manhattan and an English guy from Devon. Then I ate fish and chips, so I was pretty pleased. Pictures when I can be arsed.

Back to work today. The more shifts I work, the more I hate people. I've never felt that way in any other customer service job I've worked at. I hated my first waitressing job, but I didn't hate people. I think I'm just getting old and set in my ways, and I can't understand how any grown woman, regardless of how wealthy she is, can enter a nice store and throw clothing on the floor for someone else to pick up. Or how you can come into a store with lots of breakables and let your young children run loose. Once, a woman asked one of my coworkers to scold her children for her. Rich people. Ugh.


  1. I'm pretty sure you've hated people in other customer service jobs...I know I have!

    You do see a bad side of people when you're the "worker" and they're the "client." People failing to connect with you as a human being, like you only exist to help them get to their goal--finding that elusive happiness they've been looking for their whole lives, in the form of a cute dress they just found on the rack. "Ah, if I just had this dress, I would be happy!" So they dump all the other stuff on the floor in their impatience to get to that moment of fulfillment.

  2. Need a better credit card??? Click hhheree!! Just kidding, Kusems. I'm not a spambot. People are trapped in their self-importance, so too bad for them. Someday I want to eat fish and chips in a pub too. Lucky you! -john m