Thursday, December 27, 2012


Merry Christmas! (Meant to post this before Christmas, but our Internets were broke-sauce. They're much better now, though!)

I asked my wonderful boyfriend for moccasins for Christmas, which I thought were a bit pricey. He got me moccasins and an iPhone 5. An iPhone 5. I am the luckiest (read: most spoiled) girl in the world.

So Merry Christmas everyone! May you have lovely celebrations with family and receive awesome gifts! (And I hope the gifts I sent arrive soon!)

Here is a photo of our hideous tree before decoration. Look at all those baby branches! It's like a new tree is trying to grow out of the older one. According to Hugh, this is what Christmas trees always look like. Oh Australia...


  1. Merry Christmas, Sister! I sent you somethings from Etsy, hopefully they arrive soon! And I just opened my gift from you, I love it!!!

    1. Ooh, goody, I can't wait! I'm glad you like the stationery, I thought the robot was cute. We should chat soon, I totally missed you at Christmas. I thought you'd be either out of town, or with Mama. I can FaceTime now, what days are you free?