Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Don't I Deserve to See a Bloody Nose?

This weekend was fun-filled and tiring. I went to a hockey game with my mom and Jody on Friday night. There were roughly 300 spectators. You can tell we love our hockey here in Seattle. I’ve never been to a hockey game before, and probably will never go to another one! There was only one fight, and I swear it was staged. I’m willing to bet the coach was like, “The fans are getting antsy. Make sure you pick a fight with someone before the period’s over.” And speaking of periods, did you know there are only three periods in a hockey game? What’s up with that? What an odd number. Two or four, people. Two or four. Or nine works, too. Anyway, the fight was seriously lame, and they were just kind of hugging each other and swatting the air around each other’s heads.


I went bowling on Friday and Saturday night, and was very pleased with myself. After a month or so of bowling at least once a week, I’m finally improving! On Friday, I bowled four games in a row with a score above 100! Weak, I know, but way better than my prior average of 70. Saturday wasn’t as good ‘cuz I was really tired after all that traveling. I didn’t realize it took two and a half hours to get to Leavenworth. Maybe it just felt like a long ride because I was one of three people crammed in the back of a two-door coup. At least I wasn’t driving! I didn’t drink any beer at Oktoberfest, except for a couple sips of Becky’s and John’s. It turns out I was right all along: beer really is disgusting. I wasn’t imagining it. In addition to not drinking, I also didn’t dance. Well, ok, I danced once. They forced me to do the chicken dance, which I was seriously unhappy about. But I did eat two (count them: two!) bratwurst, so I feel I still got the Oktoberfestive experience. Photos: my msn space (not all of them are mine).

On Sunday, I met Jacque in Issaquah for the Salmon Days festival. Man, those salmon get big! There's a salmon ladder with windows on the side so you can watch these suckers jumping upstream. Those fish are hardcore! As Jacque said, if you're ever feeling discouraged about your life, go watch a bunch of salmon jump repeatedly against a wall. I don't know if it'll make you feel better or feel worse, but it'll make you feel something, that's for sure.


Wouldn’t mind Zach Braff in my tub.

Le sigh. John has informed me that NBC hasn’t yet announced when Scrubs will premier. Apparently, those two episodes I saw a month ago were...something else. I don’t know what season those came from. Now I’m sad…I’ll have to watch my DVDs of seasons 1 and 2 to get my fix.


  1. (Jody says it's the Duck Dance. She says they say, "Quack, quack, quack...")

    Speaking of beer, yeah...we asked the guy for the one that tasted the least like barf. After trying three out of the four kinds offered, we determined that ALL beer tastes like barf.

    That's one healthy looking salmon - makes me kind of hungry :)

  2. You were in Leavenworth and didn't let me know you were in town? I'm hurt. :-(

    Are you are going to be at TequilaCon PACNW 07?... it's sure to be more exciting than watching fish jump. :-)