Thursday, October 26, 2006

Driving to Work on 405 North

The Batesville Casket Supply truck pleads "Please drive safely!" Call me cynical, but wouldn't that mean less business for the nice folks over in Batesville?

I got my Macy's credit card today: $240.45 for my beautiful, adorable, wonderful wool coat. *Sigh* Life is good. Now I just have to pay it off right away so I don't end up paying finance charges and interest that drive the cost right back up to the original price.

(I'm so excited to type this!) Jacque and I might be moving in together one of these days! Yippee! We already spend every waking minute together (and many of the minutes when I should be sleeping), so that should make it even easier to do so. It won't be until December at the earliest, and January at the likeliest, but I'm super excited.

Heehee. "Super excited" reminds me of when my sisters and I were kids and we would say "Super Excitement Finger Twinkle!" in Eek the Cat's voice. (Was that an Eek saying, or did we make that up?) Oh man, we were easily entertained. Still are!

I made Jacque throw a housewarming party for herself on Monday, and it was a huge success. I bought frozen appetizers, but we didn't have enough oven space for them (Jacque only has one oven, poor thing), so we had Goldfish crackers as appetizer instead. Note to self: Grape flavored Smirnoff tastes like cough medicine. At any rate, I think our one guest enjoyed himself very much. Yes, we are in high demand. I can't wait until we move in together. Then we can have house parties with one guest all the time! Heck, we might even be able to entice two people to come over! I don't know, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself with that one.

Okay, it's definately my bedtime, and my overactive guilt complex is starting to kick in. Goodnight, luvs!


  1. Grape-flavoured Smirnoff? Gimme!

  2. you are a leeeetle beet mad...
    leetle beetle... lalala xxx

  3. I don't think Eek! ever said that, but it sounds like something the Squishy Bears might have said. Eek!'s catchphrase was "Kumbaya!" (Oh, and yeah, I am excited for you finding a new living space.)

  4. Me too! I have lots of plates and cups if you want them. Oh, and your super-comfy bed :)

    I love the slogan on the truck - how funny is that!

    Reminds me of the slogan on the industrial sized container of sugar at work - Consistently Good! that still makes me chuckle. IT'S SUGAR! That's like saying WATER is CONSISTENTLY WET!!