Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mega Tattooage

I never really thought I'd see the inside of a tattoo parlor, but Sara got a tattoo for her birthday and asked me to come along for moral support. Yippee! I love living vicariously through others. When I told Jacque and Amy that I was going, they both immediately responded, "You're totally gonna pass out." Thanks a lot for the vote of confidence, guys! I assured them that I would be JUST FINE, and guess who was right? ME. I love it when that happens.

Watching someone else get tattooed is seriously no big deal. It was sort of reminiscent of going to the dentist, because you sit in a dentist-style chair, and there are machines that buzz, and everything is sterilized. They even had a mini autoclave! But they played funky music, and the walls were spray-painted bright colors, and there were pictures of Lionel Ritchie all over. All the things necessary for relaxation.

Sara handled the pain like a pro, only flinching a couple times. I was Lead Documentarian for the event.


Me looking goofy, but not ill.

Sara pretending to be in excruciating pain.
She actually looks like she was being tickled,
which is probably more accurate to what was
actually going on.

A flinch.

Ta-da! The final product:


  1. What parlour did she go to? One in Seattle?

  2. Cool! Mama and I are gonna get tattooes sometime. :)

  3. The Laughing Buddha on Broadway

  4. If we don't keep chickening out...

  5. You know what's really funny about this blog? You used the same Freak Dancing picture in your blog that I used in mine! I used it earlier in May, though. Anyone else get a weird vibe from this seeming coincidence?

  6. I've never left a comment on Blogger before so I hope I'm doing this right.

    I'm glad the tattoo getting was "no big deal" for both of us. I would have felt really bad having you come if it had been pass out worthy.

    It was so not bad that I'd actually rather get another tattoo then go to the dentist.

    That Lionel Ritchie snake still makes me laugh!

    I wrote about the tattoo expiernce (and a concert review) in my blog too

  7. Mama, I'm unclear what you're referring to. What "Freak Dancing" picture?