Sunday, June 03, 2007


Oh my goodness, planning a bridal shower is HARD! Especially if you're both a perfectionist and a procrastinator. Martha Stewart rocks my world and all that, but how are normal people supposed to be able to do all the adorable crafts she does? "Why yes, let me just go grab my soldering iron..." Who has the money? Or the time, for that matter?

And why do special craft scissors work for her on thick paper plates, but when I go to use them, they don't cut properly? Hunh? They rip the paper and cause ragged edges. My world is falling to bits around me...

Martha Stewart's plates
(as the cherry on top of this fiasco,
Martha's website is down
and I can't get a good photo;
this is a b&w photocopy)

My Plates

Maybe there's a reason Martha did her scalloping on white plates...

Also, should I be freaking out that ONE OF THE BRIDESMAIDS ISN'T COMING?!? Because I am! Should I be upset that she told me she wasn't coming THE DAY BEFORE THE SHOWER? Or that she may have NEVER told me, if I hadn't called her to remind her and make sure she wasn't working that day? (Of course, I called her because I knew full well that she is the WORLD'S BIGGEST FLAKE and that she would forget the date.) Okay, truth be told, I'm not really freaking out. I'm just good, ol' fashioned furious. I'm sure it'll pass. Maybe. I'm a bit of a grudge-holder.

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