Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Yaaaay! My big, ugly, space-eating TV is gone! I rarely used it, seeing as how I'm too cheap to pay for cable, and I didn't even get basic channels on it. Who needs TV when you have the internet? I can watch the Office on NBC's website, and I can watch movies from Netflix online, and I can watch DVDs on my laptop. So the giant TV had to go. Ian came to take it away, and now I have more room for, you know, pretty furniture. I'm excited to rearrange my furniture. And I even got a free dinner out of the deal!

So, I got my lip waxed on Sunday (probably should have done it years ago). Two days later, and my lip still looks a bit like a field of land mines. Here's what happened.

Becky suggested this place in Redmond that she had been to before, which was cheap. We walk in, we're taken to a shabby looking back room, I'm told to lay down, the woman immediately applies the wax, then rips it off. The whole experience was over in three minutes, and it cost a grand total of $5. Awesome deal, right? Except for the burning sensation that lasted for several hours. And the hives that broke out on my lip ten minutes afterward. And the glowing red color of my lip, which lasted well into the following day. I figured it would die down overnight, but nooooo. The next morning, land mines. Or more specifically, tiny zits covering my whole lip (I really prefer the British word for zits, "spots"). Luckily, I had bought concealer the same day, so I was able to hide the glowing redness in order to go to work. I was afraid I was gonna have to call in sick!

Today, the inflammation has gone down, but it's still all bumpy. Afterward, when I was complaining to Becky that it was really inflamed, she was like, "Yeah, it'll be like that for about a day." I'm pretty sure that's not normal. When I used to wax with home products, I never had inflammation longer than 10 minutes. And those were home products! I totally won't be going back there for waxing, but I wonder how much their pedicures cost...

Oh, and on my To Do List, I forgot to put:
6b. √Buy plane ticket to LONDON!!!! (Less than $500! Sweet!)

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  1. Did anyone comment to you about your spots? At least you don't have to get your back waxed like some people...or do you? I'm sure Becky and I can help you wax your back if necessary.