Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Revisions to To-Do List

  1. √Apply to grad school.
  2. √Get accepted into grad school.
  3. √File FAFSA begging for moolah.
  4. √Get Student Aid Report back from U.S. Gov’t.
  5. √Find sponsor for loans.
  6. √Send SAR to school of my dreams. Mailed today!
  7. Apply for student housing. Almost done; just need two photos.
  8. Wait for school of my dreams to decide how much money I get.
  9. When amount is too low to cover even tuition, apply for Grad PLUS loan.
  10. Receive formal letter of admission from school of my dreams.
  11. Apply online for student visa from British consulate.
  12. Get visa and head off to Ol’ Blightey! Woohooooo!


  1. :-) :-) :-)

  2. 13. Get on airplane
    14. Sit next to totally hot guy on plane
    15. Try to enjoy Coldplay's new album, but may be too distracted and excited to enjoy it. (Plus, it will be 3 months old by then, so it won't exactly be "new.")
    16. Miss family and the US of A terribly. For about 3 minutes.
    17. Land in London and have a craving for Cadbury's Flakes and perhaps chips (not crisps, of course!)
    18. Go to the chemist for some personal items
    19. Tune into the Russell Brand show
    20. Hail a taxi and get to my flat, go to sleep.