Saturday, April 19, 2008

Good day, today. First, I got an emissions test. My car totally passed, but I hadn't even entertained the possibility that it wouldn't. Please. Then I went to Joann's to buy some knitting needles. Normally, I buy the cheaper, inferior metal ones, but I decide to splurge on a bamboo pair ($6 versus $9). I also grabbed some $1 junk from the "impulse buy" bins at the front, so I was surprised when the woman said my total was a little over $6. Needles on sale! Sweet!

Then Sara and I went to Bell Square, cuz I've decided I need a pair of glasses as back-up, in case I have to immediately evacuate my apartment at night after I've taken my contacts out. You know, cuz I'm almost legally blind. At the mall, I just wanted to see what kinds of options I had. Seeing as how my prescription is so high, I have limited options for glasses. I have to get small ones so the lenses will be smaller (keeps 'em thin), which is fine because I have a small face and small glasses look best on me. I also need to get some with a thick frame that goes all the way around the lens so it'll mask the thickness of the lens. This limits me mostly to thick plastic type frames, which is fine cuz those are "so hot right now," and I like 'em!

We went to three stores, and I found two pairs I really like. They're almost exactly the same, both a dark reddish color (!) which I totally didn't think would be me, but it totally is. I'm really excited about them! One pair was $100 and the other was $430 (that's just for the frames). I still plan to shop around more, though.

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff; after that, we went to see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" which has a really funny British comedian named Russell Brand whom Sara and I love. It also stars Kristen Bell, and I heart her. Still, I wasn't sure I'd like it, because all the previews seemed pretty lackluster (though reviews were good), but it was very funny, and also very good! I don't know how to word this properly, but it wasn't just a stupid, boy-joke movie. It was quite grown-up; there weren't any stupid gags or fart jokes or anything (though there was lots of sex and some full-frontal male nudity). So, thumbs up! For the movie, not for the male nudity.

AND THEN, on the way back to the car, I found a dollar lying on the sidewalk! My lucky day!

Here is a Russell Brand banner that Sara made (because she's insanely talented):

Isn't he pretty? He's quite self-obsessed, but in a sweet, endearing way. He's also a sex addict and former drug addict. He combs the back of his head into a bird's nest, intentionally (and inexplicably). In the movie, he basically plays himself, but with a different name. If you like listening to British people talk about random things for an hour in fun accents, you should check out the podcasts of his radio show on iTunes. He has regular features such as "GAY!", in which he gives advice on gay matters (though he's not himself gay), and "Nanecdotes," wherein readers send in anecdotes about their grandmothers. He also frequently telephones his good friend Noel Gallagher (of Oasis), whom he refers to as a crusty, washed-up, old rocker. It's great fun!

I shall leave you with (mediocre) pictures of the headband that knit myself in one day, and of which I am intensely proud. I think I look adorable in it. The second photo is the more accurate color. It's tweed! Yay!


  1. Cute headband.

    By the way, I watched a couple episodes of Doctor Who on BBC America yesterday, and I was right. I'm SO addicted to it!

  2. Can you knit me a headband like that? Pleeeeeeease?

  3. Jody: AWESOME!! What season did you watch? Was it David Tennant and Rose, or David Tennant and Martha, or perhaps Christopher Eccleston and Rose?

    Mama: I'm concerned that your hair might be too short, and the headband would make you hair stick out the side of your head like wings. Maybe I could knit you a thinner one?

  4. LOL! I am picturing myself with wingy hair :-)

    You may knit it however you please. I love my shawl and trust your judgement :-) :-) :-)