Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm a coward

I really want to watch "Doctor Who," and Sara very sweetly loaned me series 2 and 3 for my b-day, but I'm the biggest wuss in the world and can't watch it alone. I'm totally pathetic! I watched three episodes one night and was all spooked out afterwards. The following night, I decided to limit myself to just one episode, and I'm ashamed of how poorly it went.

I started out watching it from my armchair, about three feet away from the TV. Early on, I was getting too freaked out (the episode was about the devil/Beast being awakened; fun!), so I decided to move to my bed, where my back would be firmly against the wall. This position is roughly 11 feet away from the TV. I also turned on all the lights in my apartment. And I was eating dinner, so was slightly distracted.

I'm 26 years old, and this show is designed for children to be able to watch. And I watched much of it through my fingers. I literally held my hand in front of my eyes with the fingers only slightly splayed. It's ABSURD!!! The show is so campy cheesy, and whenever they're gonna do something scary, they give you ample warning, what with music and stuff. There is no way to be surprised by this show. And still, I had to watch it through my fingers, 11 feet away from the TV, with all the lights on. I even tried turning the volume down low.

But looking at pictures like this make me really want to pop it in:

That thing in his hand is called a sonic screwdriver. How could I be this terrified of a show where the (totally hot) hero's only weapon is something called a "sonic screwdriver???"

Maybe if I watch it on my laptop, I won't get as scared...


  1. Why such ugly pictures from such a hot man? I don't understand...

    PS We gotta watch some Dr. Who together. I've never seen it, and I have a feeling I would really love being addicted to it.

  2. My wife and I saw part of a Dr. Who show (because it was on before Battlestar Gallactica). We think the guy is a bit goofy-looking, but we understand why you think he's good-looking.