Friday, November 21, 2008

My hard-knock life

hahaha! That was certainly the desired reaction. Misery loves company.

Migraine Maven, yeah, I see what you mean. But I'd only go to med school to become a tropical doctor, so I'd come across them eventually. I might come across them anyway, but I certainly hope not. Microbes for me!

John, various ways. Some through unclean water, some just by walking through the garden barefoot.

Yesterday, our school put on a careers fair that made our entire course freak out about our job prospects. Every organization that was there, and they were mostly all amazing NGOs, like Doctors Without Borders and Oxfam, they ALL were only looking for doctors, nurses, or lab techs. As few people on our course want to be any of those things, it was very discouraging. The other common theme was that the "jobs" we do qualify for are unpaid, volunteer positions. Eh, who needs to eat or pay off school loans anyway?

Today, we got the morning off, which was really nice, but then we had a Guinea worm lecture in the afternoon. I'll spare you the details of what that does to the body. It's really gross, but not nearly as bad as roundworm, I think. Tomorrow, we have a whole freaking day of more worms. Grr. At least when this week is over, I'll be done with worms (I think...unless we have a disgusting lab practical coming up).

So, I'm trying to plan a big Thanksgiving shindig for my class. It's hard! We have class all day Thursday, and we're gonna try to have a big dinner after class, but everyone will have to cook the food the night before. Then I have no idea how they'll reheat it. It all depends on where we have the party, I suppose. This is difficult, and I don't like doing things that are difficult! Poo!

Joderita: What? Colin Farrell? Explain!


  1. Well, he's in a film called "In Bruges", I think he's a hitman or something, and his hitman partner goes up in the tower and he stays in the courtyard and heckles this family of fat Americans. They're like, "We want to go up in the Belfry." And he laughs and says, "Save your money. You'll never make it up those steps." In his gloriously Irish accent. It's very hot. :)

  2. Kusems, a very important question: can you contract a nasty case of worms by being a scientist who went to grad school in London and wants to go to Africa to help people?

  3. migrainemaven11/21/2008 6:03 PM

    Ms. Petey: Only if said scientist actually goes to Africa to help people.

    London is pretty safe. All due precautions, and all that. Africa, on the other hand, is a bit harder to navigate with perfectly sanitary conditions at all times.

    Kusems--what? You don't want to go another several hundred thousand in debt so you can be a volunteer doc? I'm shocked!

  4. What if you are an elementary school teacher and are called upon to assist your young wards with their bathroom ablutions?

  5. migrainemaven11/22/2008 5:18 PM

    Wash your hands!