Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Warning: Obama-heavy

I GOT A BOX OF MY PERSONAL BELONGINGS!!!! YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! Now I have a coat! And an alarm clock radio! And a scarf that I made myself! And a webcam! Woohoo!!!

On the downside, the eye-glasses I got from Sears are not even close to the right prescription, so I have to send those back to Pops and Michele, who have to take them back to Sears, wait two weeks for the morons at Sears to get me the right glasses, then send them back to me. Grrr. I was really excited about those glasses. When I tried them on, it was like I was looking at the world through a fish bowl. The slightest movement of my head, and the room started rotating around me. I had to grab the wall and steady myself. Morons.

Moving on. My good friend Sara finds the best that the internet has to offer, then shows it to me. I love her. You should all join Livejournal, befriend her, and look at her amazing and beautiful Obama picspams. I promise it's worth it, because there is a picture in there involving Hillary, Obama, Michelle, and Biden's faces pasted onto the bodies of Derek Zoolander and his model friends jiving around in their jeep. Also, Sara's comments on each photo are priceless. I will attempt to share a smattering of links and pictures with you:

Obama O's (there is a song, so click the link with your sound on; also check out the Cap'n McCain's)

Obama Llama song (based, of course, on the original llama song)

Speaking of llamas, I bought an alpaca-wool hat this weekend. Okay, I know alpacas aren't llamas, but they're related, right? The hat is cute, but insanely itchy. Shoot. I would show a picture, but I loaned my camera-computer connector thingy to a friend. So no photos yet. More Obama:

I love the concerned expression in the dog's eyes. Translation for the computer-illiterate in the audience: "Hey, I care about your future. Vote Obama, okay?"

This one is my favorite.

Jody, you are so right about my disillusionment with grocery stores. Every time I shop at Sainsbury's, my heart beats just a little bit faster.

Ciarnet, lobbing plague rats at enemy ships sounds like a blast! I think there is much piratey wisdom that I could learn from you.


  1. Great pictures! Your favorite is also my favorite. I will have to print that one out for our Election Night Party tomorrow night. We are having a red-white-and-bleu cheese salad, Freedom Fries, Hawaiian (Land)sliders, and a red-white-and-blueberry cobbler. We will play pin-the-tail-on-the-Democratic-Donkey, and we're playing a drinking game where we have to take a shot whenever a state goes red or blue (haven't decided).

    We're so exciiiiiiteeeeed! I hope my guy wins.

  2. migrainemaven11/04/2008 7:09 PM

    I LOVE the Obama Llama song!!!

    Of course, as the owner of a fine llama, I have always been a devotee of the original Llama song.

  3. migrainemaven11/05/2008 5:17 PM

    Hey, ms. petey--hope your not too hungover in the morning! :-)

    Did your party totally rock?

  4. The "I got this" picture is one of my favorites too (though the Zoolander pasted on heads one is mesmerizing).