Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To do

Things to do before March 31st:

1. Create a summer project for myself (since no one will give me one) and submit ethics approval application
2. Write tuberculosis essay
3. Write social epi essay--requires knowing how to critique a published article, which I don't as yet know how to do
4. Study for and take ECCD exam
5. Plan joint birthday party for myself and Penny
6. Plan Easter break vacation

It doesn't look quite as overwhelming and stressful in list-form. But those essays are both gonna be doozies. Ugh. Back to work!


  1. You'll be great!

  2. I took the ECCD exam last year -- it was a piece of cake. Speaking of cake, what are you planning for your birthday? This will be your second birthday away from the States -- how does that feel?