Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend madness

You know what? I love clubbing. It's fun. Alex's friend, Steve, is visiting from Atlanta, so the three of us went out clubbing with Carina and her friends in Chelsea. I kind of like waking up the next morning and thinking, "Did that really happen? Cuz that was weird." For example, did three men really start a fight over Alex? Yep. Did Carina really go home with her brother, two friends, and a guy on crutches? Totally. Did I really dance for a while with an American frat boy, and then suddenly ditch him for no reason? I think so.

It is very depressing at world's end

That is not my beer. I don't drink beer, remember?

On Saturday, a few of us went over to Alicia's for tacos. Yum yum! She made the most delicious guacamole. I didn't even know I liked guacamole, but I wanted to eat that stuff by the spoonful. I decided that might be just a tad uncouth, though, so I refrained.

Here is a picture of men in kilts from the St. Patty's Day celebration at Trafalgar Square (which was totally lame by the time we got there).

And if you go here, there are pictures of Emily, Stonehenge and Oxford. Yay!!


  1. migrainemaven3/24/2009 4:02 PM in kilts....

  2. Shock! You like guacamole?! But the texture is so anti-you.

  3. Of course you love clubbing. Booze and boys! I wonder -- will you stay in London until they deport you? They'll be dragging you away as you claw the earth, grasping for one more pint of lager... Since you love clubbing and I mentioned lager, let's listen to some Underworld, shall we?