Thursday, April 02, 2009

Super fantabulous 27th birthday brawl and bash!

Oh man, so much to say! Where to begin? Right, Thursday.

Thursday was my birthday, but as I had an exam on Friday morning, I spent all of Thursday (and most of Wednesday) studying. I wore my blue party dress, though, so that I would feel a little bit birthday-ish. We had class that day, most of which I skipped in order to study for it, but I attended the lecture on eradication which involved a debate between our two arrogant professors. Prof no. 1 gave the argument for eradication of diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, polio, etc. Prof no. 2, who once wore a bright red suit to class and has now been nicknamed "Captain Kangaroo" by the American contingency, argued against eradication. In regards to malaria, he argued that malaria eradication was an idea put forth by the Gates Foundation, and, in his words, "not even by Bill, but by Melinda! Some woman in a kitchen in Seattle decides malaria needs to be eradicated and everyone listens?" He literally said "some woman in a kitchen in Seattle." I was SOOOOO angry. As the class is roughly 60% female, this did not go over well and people started booing, but the guy just kept talking. I stopped paying attention and left at the first possible chance. Asshole.

The exam on Friday went alright. I don't know my score, but the exam itself wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Afterwards, we went to a pub for lunch, then Carina and I went back to my place and took a nap, then off to the John Snow pub where much of our class (200 people) were celebrating the end of term. From there, about 12 of my friends and I headed to an Indian restaurant for my birthday dinner. After dinner, I started crying inexplicably, went to Tanya's to take a nap and cry some more, tried to go to a really cool club but the line was too long, went to a house party nearby with school people, had a horrible fight with Alex, made up, then went dancing at Barfly in Camden. Barfly was disappointing, but I had fun. For the first time ever, I managed to con some guy into buying me a drink. Of course, then I couldn't shake him for the rest of the night, but whatever. Somehow managed to not give him my phone number, which he was a little pissed off about.

On Saturday, I slept (or tried to sleep) for the better part of the day and apologized to everyone who had to witness my crying and generally ridiculous irrationality from the previous night. Don't know what got into me. Then I got myself gussied up for another big night out, this time in Clapham for a joint birthday party with Penny. We started at a nice bar where I chatted with a really awkward, really posh guy named Kester. He described the program he had done in undergrad as "kind of a big deal." I kid you not! I was wearing legwarmers so as not to get cold (I know, I know, but I made them myself!) and he asked me if I thought it was a fancy dress party (translation: costume party.) Carina met him, too, and agreed he was a ridiculous human being.

After the pub, we headed to a club called Infernos, which I absolutely LOVED and so want to go back to! It was so much fun! I was dancing with my friends, and Carina shoved me at some boys, so I tried dancing with them for a few seconds, until they stepped on both my feet and crushed my toes, at which point I gave them the British version of the finger and turned back to my friends. Later, I don't quite remember how it happened, I started dancing with another guy. He was really fun and I ended up dancing with him for a long time. He asked me my name but it was loud, so he thought I said Ken. For the rest of the night, as a joke, he called me Kenneth, which I thought was awesome. It reminds me of Kenneth from 30 Rock. So funny! After a while, he said he had to go to the toilet, and asked if I was going to "leg it." I told him I'd wait for him, so I did, but after 10 minutes, I was getting antsy. I couldn't find my friends anywhere, and the guy wasn't coming back, so I went downstairs to see if anyone was there. I didn't find my friends, but I did find the guy's brother, so he and I went back upstairs to wait for the guy. Looking back on it, that was weird. But I really didn't want to leave the club without this guy's phone number, so we waited. When he finally found us, he and I exchanged phone numbers and I scampered off to find Alex and Holly, who were heading home. Within five minutes, he sent me a text message (addressed to Kenneth, of course.) I texted back that he had better take me on a date, and he responded in kind, at one point referring to me as the girl of his dreams. hahaha! Quite a good night for me, I'd say! We'll see if anything ever comes of it. I really enjoyed myself with him, but then we were both drunk.

Sunday was supposed to be hard work on my tuberculosis essay, but I spent most of it just trying to recover from the weekend. Ditto Monday. I finished the essay yesterday, though, and I think it's fairly decent. So now I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Except that I need to read a 95-page report in order to create a summer project for myself. No biggie. On Saturday, I fly to Hamburg to see Ingo for 10 days, then to Switzerland to hang out at Carina's house (on a ski slope!), then to Lyon, France to see IZZIIIIIIIIII!!!!! So excited! I'm one lucky duck. Anyway, back to the 95-page report.


  1. You're a roller-coaster, Kenneth! :O)

  2. THAT'S SO CUTE!!! Color me jealous. I'm glad you had a fabulous birthday. And don't worry. I cried on my 21st birthday cuz I was away from the fam, too. :)

  3. migrainemaven4/06/2009 1:43 PM

    Hey, look--you turned 27, and nothing bad happened! (well, except for the crying) And you were worried...

    See? Piece of cake! (As it were.)