Saturday, June 13, 2009

I am studying REALLY hard

It's 2am on a Friday night (make that Saturday morning) and I just got home. Out partying all night? Dancing the night away in a club? No, way better than that. There ain't nothing like hanging out at school with friends until the wee hours, drinking stolen, quality red wine, listening to country music (which I still hate) and studying communicable diseases. Ah, this is the life.

I have more or less been studying for 5 weeks now. Two weeks of working on assignments for my last term of classes, and three weeks studying for the big final exams. I have two 3-hour exams, one each on Monday and Wednesday. I have spent the past few weeks fluctuating between a quiet acceptance that I will do poorly on the exams and full-on panic that I will know nothing I'll be tested on. It wasn't until around midnight tonight that I started to feel like I might finally be absorbing some of the facts I've been staring at for two weeks. I'm sure the wine helped. I totally feel like I could respond to an outbreak if I needed to! You just have to assemble a team, confirm that there is actually an outbreak, come up with a case definition, and...oh, some other stuff. Hypotheses and shit like that. I still only know four of the five criteria for figuring out whether a diarrheal disease is water-borne or water-washed, but that's better than knowing none!

I'm feeling prit-tee good. And now it's time to put myself to bed.

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