Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Amazing Adventures in London

GRRR! People in administrative positions who process many applications should learn how to read them properly! I turned in a form to get travel insurance from the school and received a confirmation for travel cover for Kenya...even though I'm going to Uganda. And I received an email about my ethics form (which they are taking their SWEET TIME processing!) asking me if I have local ethical approval for my project and could I please submit the info sheet and consent form I'll be using to interview people...even though I stated very clearly on my form that I do have local approval (and I listed the multiple institutions which granted it) and that I will not be interviewing anyone, so I don't need friggin' consent forms. READ, people!

Grr. Mustn't get cranky now. I've had a good (if tense) week.

Exams are over. I feel that I did not fail either of them, which makes me happy. With this school/course, the point isn't really to pass with a good grade; the point is just to pass, which is nice. After the second exam, on Wednesday, we all headed to a nice pub where I proceeded to get tipsy (and then announce to everyone repeatedly that I was drunk). Then a few of us went for karaoke, which was super fun, then I met Carina and Alex at a nightclub. It was absolutely packed (with people under 21 years old) and we were all dripping with sweat. At one point, some dude with his back to mine was trying to edge me out of my dance space, so I kind of gently pushed him backwards to give myself more space. He then leaned against me really hard to push me into Alex, so I elbowed him...several times in a row. He didn't like this, so he shoved me hard into Alex, spilling both our drinks on us and Carina so we were all dripping. I turned around in full fight mode, and Carina and Alex were pissed off as well. We all started yelling at him and I looked at him and realized he was a full head taller than me. I came up to his shoulder. This of course made me feel feistier, because I knew that a guy that big wouldn't dare fight a girl my size. There was a tense moment until he realized he had shoved a 5'3" girl, and then I think he might have realized that wasn't cool. Meanwhile, his girlfriend was also in fight mode and started wiping the two drops of spilled drink off of his arm as if we were bitches for having spilled our drinks on him. This made Carina angry, seeing as how we were all dripping from our own drinks, so she wiped the drink (which was mostly sweat, really) off of her face and wiped it on the girl's face. Is that not the most amazing thing you've ever heard? Carina's insane. Of course, the girl didn't take too kindly to that and she looked ready for a fight, but for some reason, thought better of it and the whole situation diffused. Weird, huh? I *almost* got in my first bar fight!

Later on in the evening, some guy was dancing behind me (I hate when they do that; it really makes you feel like an object) and he kept sliding his hands up to my boobs, and I kept redirecting them back down to my hips. I turned to look at him, and he could not have been older than 18. I got felt-up by a kid. Ew.

Last night was our school's end-of-classes-and-exams party. It was super fun, although Alex had to leave early in order to get ready for her 3:30 am taxi to Heathrow. Poor thing. I'm going to miss her massively. Back at school, my crush randomly walked up to me and showed me his underwear. Yep, his underwear, which had his name on them. Classy. I sure know how to pick 'em. At the end of the night, he told me I should "email and stuff" so naturally I started imagining our wedding (JUST KIDDING!) Holly and Kate both danced with the Silver Fox, a teacher at our school who they're both gaga over, and Holly has decided to never wash again in order to keep his DNA on her as long as possible.

Now my friends will start disappearing one by one. Well, not really. Many of them are doing summer projects in London, but we are all dispersing and I need to deal with the fact that my super amazing year in London is over. I'll stay here until December at least, and probably still have an amazing time, but it won't be the same without everyone, without school. My closest friends will still be here, but everyone else will be gone. Time to let go and move on.

But if you'll excuse, I need to go shopping for a Tinkerbell costume for a Disney-themed birthday party tomorrow. Guess it's not time to move on just yet.

PS I miss you all!

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  1. Nice job almost getting in a bar fight! Your description is so vivid, I feel like making a quick comic of it -- replete with your fiesty, ready-to-brawl visage. I love this part: 'he told me I should "email and stuff" so naturally I started imagining our wedding'