Monday, July 06, 2009

Missed flight

So yeah, I’m an idiot and I missed my flight. Well, I missed baggage check-in for my flight, to be more exact, by 20 minutes. Panicked, I ran to the ticket counter to see what could be done, but as soon as I got there, the woman disappeared for an hour to work the boarding gate. When she returned, she put me on the list for stand-by for tonight’s flight, saying I just needed to pay £75 changing fee today. She said the baggage check-in would open at 3:30pm and her window would open at 4.

So I headed back to London and spent the night in Holly’s room (I moved out of my room yesterday). We got back to the airport today at 2pm, hoping that we could be first in line for baggage check-in. We were and check-in opened early at 3, but the check-in lady said I had to pay the fee first, at the ticket window which didn’t open until 4. So I camped out in front of the ticket window for an hour, with a line forming behind me, but it didn’t open until 4:30. Knowing that stand-by was first come, first served, I was worried that there would be people on the list before me. I paid my fee, then headed back to check-in to get my bags tagged. They checked me in as stand-by and tagged my bags and told me to come back at 6:50, but just as I was about to walk away to wait, a woman came up and told them to book me on the flight. I even got to choose a window seat! Happy day!

In the end, it was probably slightly good that I spent an extra day in London, because I discovered this morning that my residence hall had direct-debited a full month’s rent from my bank account even though I moved out yesterday. Since I was still in London, I was able to go yell at them and demand my £815 back. Morons.

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