Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Pitchers from ma camra.

Having read a ridiculous amount of Natalie Dee comics this weekend, I was inspired to start doodling. I've been going for two and a half days now! And I'm quite proud of some of the images I've come up with...if only I had a way of getting them onto my computer. I may take crappy photos of them to show them off.

Yesterday as Roya and I walked home from work, we passed a house with a bunch of kids playing in the yard. Roya's supervisor was there and she called Roya over to talk to her. A chubby toddler sucking on mango walked right up to me, and I took the opportunity of knowing Roya who knew the supervisor who knew the mother of child to reach out for the child's hand. Of course, I would never do that with a strange child (could have rabies!) She grasped her sticky mangoey fingers around mine and I died a little bit inside knowing that eventually, I would have to let go. Clearly, I haven't been getting enough quality baby time this year. But Holly's sister just had a baby, so hopefully, when I get back to London, I can rectify that problem! Thanks for squeezin' one out, Holly's Sister!

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  1. This positive feeling (longing?) you associate with children is strange and foreign to me. Is this a typical human response, or it is a maternal/biological clock thing?

    Oh please share the doodles. You could be like Michael Showalter! Or me! Except the world is not ready to see my drawrings yet.