Thursday, March 18, 2010


New goal: apply for at least one job per day on my days off. So far, so good. Applied for a job yesterday in Washington, D.C. I'm not that keen on moving to D.C., but I should put myself out there and see what happens. It would be a TB advocacy job; in fact, the same job I applied for back in November in London (which my friend, Aparna, got). It's for the same organization and everything, just in a different country. Then today, I was looking at jobs in Scotland and found an entry-level job that would train me to do exactly what I want to do (social science research)! Everybody cross your fingers for that one!

You may now call me Diplomat Kusems. Graduation was Saturday and it was good, but I was sad that I actually didn't get to spend much time with anyone other than Carina (though I adore Carina, so I was happy to be with her). Her mom and brother came and adopted me for the day, so we went for champagne near school, then a really fancy steak dinner in Fitzrovia. By dessert (cheese board!), I was three sheets to the wind. Then we went to the pub that had been designated as our class meet-up point for the evening, and no one was there! So instead, we went to Carina's friend's birthday drinks in Holborn.

So I mentioned the guy who was too chicken to ask for my number. Well, I agreed to go on a date with him, to give him a chance since I had no other romantic prospects. That date is tonight. But after graduation on Saturday, I met a very cute boy from Boston. We went out last night to see "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (so funny!) and I had a really good time. I quite like this boy. I feel a bit bad for the guy tonight, because I'm going to have to let him down. I just think it's funny that I haven't been on a date in...longer than I want to admit, and now I have two in one week. Life is funny sometimes. Funny, but good.

BTW, I highly recommend Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, although I don't understand why they called it that. The brunette in the film gets just as much attention as Marilyn Monroe's character and they both do very well for themselves. Anyway, see it. It's cute!


  1. Good luck with everything! I must tell you, DC is actually a really fun city. It is just deeply misunderstood!;) (And it happens to be one of the two cities I will soon be qualified to practice law in: D.C. and New York.) And good luck on your two dates. I'm glad to hear things are looking up on the passport, man and job hunts these days. Yay for good news!!!

  2. I got a job offer once for WA D.C. and one of my daughters didn't think it was such a good idea! Sound familiar?

    Actually, I would be quite excited for you and highly likely to visit. Which may or may not increase your interest in taking the position. If you get the one in Scotland (my fingers are crossed for that!), I'm definitely coming to visit...eventually.

  3. Gentlemen prefer you because you're confident and having fun! When it rains, it pours.

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