Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Too much good stuff

Hour three of my 7-hour layover in Vancouver and my eyelids are droooooping. It sucks having such a long layover so close to home when I could be spending time with the family. Oh well, at least Vancouver airport is gorgeous! It's nicer than most shopping malls here and there are (mildly creepy) Native American sculptures all over. I'm currently positioned in a comfy chair next to a burbling stream using free wifi. Eat that, Sea-Tac!

Okay, i was gonna do a blog post about visiting home, but I just feel like finding a place to stretch out and take a nap. So so tired. I managed to do all the things I was hoping to do this week, but it meant not getting very much sleep. Woops! Jet-lag is gonna be a bitch...Good thing I don't have to work the four days following my return! Oh wait, I got that backwards. I'm working full 8-hour shifts for the four days following my return...

Saying goodbye was much harder this time around. Yep, I cried. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I was only home for six days, so I don't feel like I got to see enough of anybody. It's like when you're hungry, and someone gives you a tiny appetizer to take the edge off your hunger, but it only whets your appetite and makes you want more. I should have gone for two weeks to get satiated without feeling overstuffed. But everyone is back to work today anyway, so there wouldn't really be anyway to hang out with.

Here's what all I did:

Monday night: flight from Vancouver to Seattle canceled; spent night in nice hotel room; took lovely hot bath.

Tuesday: arrived in snowy Seattle late morning; took bus home where Michele made me yummy lunch; caught bus to Redmond to see Jocky briefly; had dinner with Mama, Jody, Amy, and Diana; got slightly tipsy and watched Harry Potter; spent the night at Amy's, even though she wasn't there.

Wednesday: drove three hours south to Portland with Jocky and Amy, lunch with Gma, Gpa, Aunt Leslie and Uncle Steve; shopped in downtown Portland (I like it there!); dinner with Aunt Chris; three hour drive home.

Thursday: Turkey Day at Ward and Dixie's; Secret Santa name draw (I'm not telling you whose name I drew!).

Black Friday: Woke at 2:15am to go shopping with Katy and Michele (clearly, I lost my mind at some point on Thursday). Shopped until 8am, then took a nap; went shopping again at 11am; met up briefly with Jocky at Banana Republic; lunch and nice catch-up time with Ross and Sandra; watched Mama and Jody play soccer (OMG! Mama playing soccer?! Awesome!); fell asleep in my Red Robin burger; spent the night at Amy's, in her roommate's room; woken up by Amy sometime around midnight because roommate was on her way home and I had to get out of her bed.

Saturday: breakfast and Target shopping with Jody (oh Target, how I do love thee; please move to London!); brief hanging out with Mama (mostly just me playing Kinectimals); high tea with Michele, Katy, Jody, and Becky at the Queen Mary teahouse; dinner date with Pops; briefly lose my wallet, then discover it at home. Phew!

Sunday: Watch Miracle on 34th Street while Michele puts up and decorates Christmas tree; lunch with Sara and Emily in U District; snacks and bubbly at Ross and Sandra's with their newly adopted daughter and Jocky, Amy, and Diana; watch cheesy Hallmark film with Pops and Michele; cry into Pops' shoulder at the thought of leaving.

Monday: Leave it all behind once again.

I have a feeling that might have been really boring to read. Anyway, I'm amazed I got so much done. It's no surprise I feel dead tired. Sadly, I don't have many photos to show for all the hijinks, except lots of photos of Mama playing soccer. I feel an evil laugh coming on. Mwah hahaha-ha!



  2. Hahaha, oh Kusems, you could never be boring to read! Your concise description of your visit home reminds me of a Jane Austen passage in Emma "The visit home was absolutely perfect in that it was much too short." You can observe everyone on their best behavior and go through the next 6 months or so believing everyone in your family is a saint!;) I'm glad you had a lovely time. Keep up the blog posts! I miss you when you don't have time to share!!!