Sunday, January 30, 2011

Peace Corps and study?

So one possibility that occurred to me was that of getting another degree while also volunteering with the Peace Corps. Exploring this possibility on the Peace Corps website, I clicked "anthropology" to see what options came up under that.

One option came up.

It's for either environmental anthropology or public health anthropology. So far so good.

Guess which school offers it?

Wazzu. I told myself I would be open to the possibility of going to school anywhere in the world. Pullman, WA, does NOT count! That's not anywhere in the world. It's the middle of nowhere! I can't go from London to Pullman. I'd go stir-crazy!

And how disloyal would I be if I crossed over to the dark side and became a Cougar? Not that I've made a very active or loyal Husky, but still.

Also, I'd have to take the GRE again, which I more or less failed last time.

Flippin' Pullman. It figures.


  1. Okay.... that totally made me chuckle!!!

  2. Ugh, no!!! DON'T DO IT, KUSEMS!!! Seriously. Of all the ridiculous places to go to get a degree... Did you know they officially changed their nickname from "Wazzu" to "WSU" because "Wazzu" was listed as one of the biggest party schools in the nation? I repeat: DON'T DO IT!!!!

    :) That being said, you'd be a lot closer to home, and I could see you more than once a year. :D