Thursday, April 19, 2012

Swept away

I was obsessed with Australia when I was 12 years old, but for the life of me, I can't remember why. All I remember from that obsession is an image of Uluru (aka Ayers Rock). Then I forgot about Australia and lost interest. No mention of the country could rouse my interest particularly. Even images of Uluru just looked like bits of Arizona or Utah to me. Dry, barren, unwelcoming. I knew Sydney was different, and maybe I'd like to see it someday, but there was a long list of places I wanted to see first.

Picture snagged from this website.

Then I moved to the UK, and stayed in youth hostels for two weeks, surrounded by London Aussies. This was enough to convince me that I needn't ever give Australia another thought and I should certainly never consider moving there! They were unfriendly and self-centered, and they partied constantly, usually only at bars full of other Aussies (I still to this day have never set foot in a Walkabout, and I wouldn't mind dying without ever doing so).

So I was caught more than a little off guard when the boy chatting me up in a pub in Edinburgh had an Australian accent. But, but, but, he seems nice! Aussies aren't nice...I thought to myself. And now, nearly a year later, I'm completely carried away with the idea of living in that strange, isolated land. It's not a question of "if." It's a question of how long it will take me to raise the necessary money to get there, because I must go AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I'm loving being with my family and friends, but FORGET YOU ALL, I WANT SUN! AND A POOL! AND MY HANDSOME MAN!

Picture from Handsome's latest surfing trip

And the more I read about Adelaide, the more enamored with it I become. I know this is dangerous. I've never been there. I may hate it the moment I set foot there, and want to turn around and come rushing home to the gray, wet safety blanket of rain clouds that covers Seattle most of the year. I highly doubt I will, though. And Adelaide sounds like it embodies all the wonderful things about Seattle, but with a Mediterranean climate. Did you catch that? A Mediterranean climate!!

Picture from Handsome, of the Adelaide Hills wine region

No one can deter me now. I'm sold. I've been carried away by whimsy and I didn't even put up a struggle. Bring on the lifetime supply of sunscreen! Bring on Anzac biscuits and Lamingtons (they sound "interesting" at best)! Bring on old-fashioned trams that take you to the beach! Bring on--

What? What's that you say? I need a visa to get there? I need $5000 and proof of health insurance coverage? Right, best start working my ass off.


  1. Hi Hun!

    Bad news, your guide book is out of date and the trams to the beach are modern now, but on the upside, the air-conditioning actually works!


    1. I think I can live with that. "Beach" was the most important word in that sentence. And air-conditioning sounds lovely!