Tuesday, February 05, 2013


After finishing The Happiness Project at the end of January, I decided to make some resolutions, for fun and to improve my attitude and behavior. I haven't made much progress yet, but hey, it's a life-long project and anyway, I'm now more aware of my goals.

One of my resolutions is to start sketching. I'm terrible at drawing. I can't ever find inspiration, so almost every drawing I've ever made in my life has been of a tree. Sometimes with other stuff around it, but I always start with a tree. I drew some cute cartoons when I was in Africa, out of sheer boredom and a feeling of displacement. I also just don't know how to translate an image from my head to paper via my hand. But I want to force myself to practice regardless of how bad I am, and regardless of whether I ever get better.

I saw this journal by Eloise Leigh on Amazon that suggests some 600+ things to draw, like various animals. That would be perfect, but I'm broke. So I'll have to find a website that does the same thing. I'm sure such a thing must exist.

Last night on Pinterest, I saw a poster saying "I love you to the moon and back," and I had an idea to draw this:

 Get it?? He went to the moon and back? I know, I'm very talented.

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  1. John always says, "If you want to learn to draw, draw." He draws whatever he's looking at. Some of them turn out pretty goofy, but some are awesome.