Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day!

My second ever V-Day while in a relationship, and my first ever V-Day being taken to dinner by a boy (and such a handsome one to boot)! (If you'll recall, somebody flew home to Australia the day before V-Day last year, leaving me sobbing into my tea in Edinburgh.)

We went to Concubine, an award-winning "modern contemporary" Chinese restaurant on Gouger Street. I got the Spicy Sechuan Eggplant with Chicken--it was lip-smacking good. Hugh got a lamb dish, and though I don't normally like lamb, they had cooked it really beautifully. It was tender and tasty and not at all gamey. But I mostly ignored his dish and totally slopped mine up. Yum!

These came with the bill, and I, having consumed two gin and lemonades, cried out, "Are those nipple chocolates?!"

They were, dear reader. They were. They had some sort of creamy bit in the bottom and a hazelnut to form the nipple.  Hugh now knows that when Valentine's Day comes around again, heart-shaped chocolates will get him nowhere. Nipple chocolates are the only ones for this girl! After dinner, we drove to Henley Beach and walked in the sand while the sun set.

Someone who is good at being a sweety-pie but not good at aiming a camera. I suppose nobody's perfect!

(J/K I love you, handsome!)

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