Sunday, March 24, 2013

Part 2 of our Big Journey

When we got back to Adelaide after dropping our stuff in Melbourne, we spent the night at Hugh's parents' and returned the moving truck the next morning. Rather than relax at that point, we bundled back into Hugh's car and drove nearly two hours to his parents' holiday home in Port Vincent. The house is really sweet and we finally took some time to lounge around and be lazy. The town is tiny! It's not particularly charming, but makes a good holiday town (the only real requirements for that being beach and accommodation). We had schnitzel dinner at the local pub then walked along the beach as the sun set.

The next morning, Hugh's dad took us for breakfast in a neighbouring town, then took us to see some emus that live nearby. Emus have such intense stares, but they're still totally comical. I quite like looking at them and chuckling to myself.

I decided to explore the shopping opportunities when we got back. Hugh's dad mentioned the church op shop (that's short for "opportunity shop", which for some reason is what they call second-hand shops). I checked it out and found a bundle of goodies for just $3! Then I wandered to the beach, assuming there'd be some beachy, surfy shops. There weren't. On my way back to the main drag, though, I stumbled upon a fabric store with yarn at half price! I bought two pretty skeins of strawberries and cream-coloured wool for $5.

I couldn't wait to get started knitting the new stuff, but my needles were in Melbourne, so I improvised with coloured pencils. It mostly worked!

We rested for that one day, then we got back on the road on Sunday to return to Adelaide. On Monday, we were off to Melbourne via the coastal route and the Great Ocean Road.


  1. Can't they please call "opportunity shops" "shopportunies"? That would make me feel so happy.

  2. Hahaha, it's as if the emu is demanding "TAKE ME SERIOUSLY!!!!" ... lol!;)