Saturday, March 09, 2013

UK tax return

The day before we left Adelaide, I FINALLY received my UK tax return! I had told Hugh I would never get anything back from them, but he assured me I was just being a negative nancy. We submitted our paperwork in August and Hugh received a check in September, but I still hadn't heard a peep in January. I took it as a sign that I was right, but Hugh talked me into calling them to chase it up. They told me they'd sent a check last June, three months after my UK visa expired, to my UK address. Dummies. Anyway, she told me she'd cancel that check and have a new one sent to Australia.

I still harboured doubts that it would ever show up, and if it did show up, it would surely only be a couple hundred pounds. But as usual, Hugh was right. It did come, and is for £1180. Not too shabby! I'm going to have to set it aside so I don't spend it. It can go towards our US trip in October!

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  1. Do you have to claim taxes in the US, too?!? Ugh.