Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Money and happiness

Sometimes, being lazy can really pay off.

Remember several months ago when I posted a picture of my UK tax return? I went to the bank in March to ask about depositing it, but I never actually got around to doing so. I was going to check exchange rates, but forgot to do so for four months. When I finally remembered to a few weeks ago, I found that the Australian dollar had dropped lower than it's been for a year. It was at its highest for the year in April. I kicked myself for not depositing the check back in April.

Well, the chunk of savings that I had after I quit my job in May have finally run out, so I decided to check the rates again today. No change, really. The dollar is still weak. And then I realised I was looking at the exchange rate backwards. I was going from AUD to GBP, and $1 is about 0.59 pence. But my check is in GBP, and will be converted to AUD, at a current rate of about $1.65 per £1! In April, that was only $1.45 per £1. It's not a massive difference, really, but I would have made $100 less, and every dollar helps. Which means that actually, now is the best time for me to deposit my check. I rushed straight to the bank after realising this. Yay for money! It maybe can't buy you happiness, but as kikki.K like to point out, it can buy you stationery, and that's almost the same thing. Also, better vision. I need new glasses and contact lenses, and this money will really help. I have a totally unrealistic expectation that new contact lenses will improve my softball skillz significantly. We'll see.

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  1. Contacts could help your softball skills....or practice.