Monday, July 01, 2013

Most ridiculous shoes ever

John, your comment about being bikini-ready made me laugh out loud.

Guys, I bought the most ridiculous pair of shoes yesterday. I can't remember who noticed them first, but I think I picked them up as a joke to show Hugh, and he was like, "You should try them on."

When we visited Melbourne in January for his interview, he bought me a "going out" outfit. It was a shiny black tank top and a gold sequin mini skirt, because life is better with sparkles. But I don't have any shoes that look good with the outfit. I thought some leather booties would look good, so I've been keeping my eye out for a cute pair. Instead, we bought a pair of gold, wedge-heeled, hi-top sneakers. That's right, Kusems L. Poppington now owns wedge-heeled hi-top sneakers. What has gotten into me??

We both agree that they are beyond ridiculous, but we both kind of love them, too! I just need to find a non-heeled version for Hugh ;-)


  1. If those were your baby shoes and your parents bronzed them, they wouldn't look different. Have you ever seen that? Baby shoes bronzed? It blows my mind.