Saturday, April 26, 2014

finished object: silky salmon hat

You know that GORGEOUS silky, soft, salmony wool that Becky sent me? I made it into a hat. It is now autumn down under, and the weather has been getting a bit cooler. I've been bundling up in the mornings (especially since I leave the house before 7am) and this hat has come in very handy.

So has my new Zara puffy vest (with hood and faux-fur collar!), which is my new most favorite possession!

Guess which talented looker made this sign for his work?

Selfies in the car (Hugh was begging me to stop):

Practicing my Blue Steel:


  1. You rock the Blue Steel look :-)


  2. The hat is GORGEOUS! I'm so happy it was enough yarn! Your pictures look cute too, especially the Blue Steel. When's Blue Magnum going to be ready?