Sunday, November 05, 2006

Green Guts, I Tell You!

Me pops just got himself a new power drill and he started using it immediately. He's so proud of it; he had me hold it, and it's, like, 20 pounds. You can almost smell the testosterone.

I apologize. This is an extremely boring post with extremely boring photos, with the exception of the bright green pumpkin innards.

October 29 carvings:

It's like snow, and oh, how I do love snow!

Sharpen your knives, folks. The white one is mine. Cool, huh? I've never carved a white pumpkin before.

It's innards were bright green! Coolest thing ever! I'm totally carving white pumpkins every year.

The whole ghoulish gang: (mine's a vampire!)

Lights out:

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