Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cooking Skillz

One of these days, I have got to learn to cook. I just burned potstickers, and since I'm hungry and I worry about America's overconsumption of resources, I ate them. Luckily, I eat my dumplings with so much soy sauce that my tastebuds get kind of burned off, and I was watching the Colbert Report, so I didn't notice the taste of charcoal as much.


  1. I am finally learning how to cook with your sister. The recipes in Real Simple have saved our future marriage and possibly our lives.

  2. what's a potsticker? srry, i'm being a "dumb brit" I imagine... xxx

  3. Oh, don't worry about it, Izzi, you can't help it. :-D It's a Chinese dumpling. I don't know why they're called potstickers. Lots of Americans don't even call them that, they just call 'em dumplings.

    John, Real Simple is amazing. It's hilarious that the success of your future marriage was hingeing on you guys being able to cook together. Though I guess food is a pretty big deal. Maybe if you made more money, you could take Becky out all the time. Or hire a chef. But you don't. I'm trying really hard not to hold it against you.