Thursday, March 29, 2007


I can never drink nor enter a nightclub or bar again! Or at least not until the year 2012, and that's a long time. We may be living on the moon by then.

My new driver's license photo is beyond hideous. I don't think I could possibly look worse. It's especially painful because my last license photo was perfect. I looked just fine. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Even my passport photo is pretty, despite the fact that I look stoned in it. But this new photo...I'm actually embarrassed by it.

*le sigh*

Also, I am feeling excessively unproductive this evening. Can't move...


  1. Oh I think your readers should be the judge of that! You need to post that license photo now that you have everybody curious about it! :-)

  2. when i had short hair it looked really nice in real life, but in my passport photo i looked like Harry Potter... it was shameful in the most intense sense of the word :)

  3. Harry Potter?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    I really take myself too seriously to post this particular photo on the internet. The thought of the photo makes me shudder.