Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oooh, I painted my dressers and they look fantastic! Especially with the drawers lined in the shelf liner I was gonna use in the kitchen. (BTW, lining shelves is time-consuming! Kusems likes the finished product, but is too lazy to go through the process for every single drawer and shelf).

I couldn't resist buying myself a house-plant at Molbak's. Here's is my leafy new friend:

I haven't yet decided what his name will be, but I think he's just the cutest little plant ever! He's all spotty and leafy, and slightly velvety.

Other cute things at Molbak's:

Also, I'm extremely pleased with myself for being craftsy. I was trying to figure out what to do with the knobs on my dressers, because cute knobs cost at least $6 each. I found these two at Anthropologie that I liked, but not enough to pay $48 for them.

(Can't copy pictures, sorry)

Birdwatching knob

Paris knob

I really liked the idea of the Paris map, but I didn't especially like the colors, and I want London, right? So then I thought, "Well, hey! Why can't I just make my own?"

So that's what I'm gonna do! I already have one prototype. I just cut a circle out of a map of wherever, then paste it onto the wood knobs that came with the dressers, then glaze it a few times! Easy-peasy! I'm really, very pleased with myself...Now I need to find cool maps of London.

And now I've baked what I'm hoping will be three delicious mini cakes. But I'm not too pleased with myself for staying up until 12:30 in the morning. Oh well, life's short, right? So what if I spend all of tomorrow struggling to stay awake?

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