Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vancouver Weekend

My fabulous friends and I went to Vancouver, B.C., Canadia, last weekend and I took thousands of photos, including inordinate amounts of sunsets (never sunrises, cuz I can't wake up that early), trees, leaves, water, and the beach. But mostly sunsets. There are also a couple interesting photos mixed in.

I did not realize what a fine city Vancouver is! It's full of lovely, matching, tall apartment buildings. I was surprised how they all coordinated with each other, and with the sky and water. Delightful!

Aagh! Please don't! I would not like to be devoured by a dragon.

At the Punjabi market

Emily in front of All India Sweets and Restaurant

You cannot contain a wild beast like Kusems. She's so fierce, she only wears one glove!

It reads, "Max's Special Log." So no touchy, or Max will hunt you down like the dog that you are.

Smiley Sara

I have managed to capture the elusive Shadow of Kusems! She is even waving at you.

AGH! Run away! Why are they selling possessed chocolate puppies at the grocery store?!

Oh, thank you, Breath Mint. You really seem to understand what I'm going through.

Obligatory sunset photo (since I took so many of them).
This was taken from Chuckanut Drive near Bellingham (hi, Jody!)

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  1. Ha ha! Especially your comment on the breath mint :-D