Monday, February 23, 2009

No more booze

Since Thursday's ridiculous amount of alcohol consumption, I am yet again sick. I have made a decision not to drink another drop of alcohol at least until my birthday, and see if I'm less sick in the coming month than I have been in the past month. I'll still go out if invited, but I'll have to do my crazy dancing sober. If my stomach isn't normal again by the end of this coming week, I'm going to see a doctor. It's been screwed up on and off for a full month now, and was really bad on Friday. I'm really worried that I've damaged an organ or two. We'll see.

I went shopping in Covent Garden with Alex and Tanya yesterday. The weather was gorgeous! I didn't even have to wear a coat! In the evening, I went to Rania's and we watched "Charlie Wilson's War." I liked the movie, but it reminded me that I kind of hate the world. Well, I hate the messy state it's in and the fact that no one is willing to commit to fixing the problems we have created. I want to help, but I can't even get anyone to sponsor me for a summer project! Poo. But I will never give up, never surrender!

The new term of classes start tomorrow. I'm taking Medical Anthropology in Public Health, which I'm really excited about, and Epidemiology and Control of Communicable Diseases. I think my schedule was too easy last term and allowed me to be a bit lazy, so I'm happy about the fact that Med Anthro has a relaxed schedule, while ECCD has a pretty rigid schedule. I didn't want to be in class all the time, so this schedule suits me because I'll still have a bit of free time, but not enough to totally slack off.


  1. You're funny. You go from getting so drunk you barf to not drinking a single drop. Happy medium, anyone?

  2. migrainemaven2/25/2009 3:20 PM


    Also, no one on the entire planet cares or is willing to commit to fixing the planet. Except, of course, Kusems. When sober, that is.

    Love you, dearie. :-)

  3. I heard exercise is good for one's body. Try that!