Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Based on the number of entries I've written lately, I think it might be safe to say that I've grown tired of blogging. I'll keep trying, though, as I know that my entries are the only bright lights in your otherwise dreary, dark, and depressing days.

I just got a package from Mama and realized that I've been neglecting to publicly thank people for their wonderful Christmas presents. The package from Mama included Girl Scout Cookies, home-made seafoam, a bracelet from Aunt Cindy and the cousins, and three BEAUTIFUL scarves! (bracelet shown on my recently waxed arm! Funny story there...)

Last week, Amy sent me a really cool butterfly pin, a novel that looks really interesting, and the most amazing and ridiculous earrings I have ever owned. They make me very happy, though I haven't yet worked up the nerve to wear them.

Jody sent me a really pretty pink necklace and bracelet set. Jody, I hope you don't mind, but I liked the stone flowers a lot and not so much the straps, so I dismantled them. :-D I plan to attach the stones to pins and put them on my hats, scarves, or coat lapels so they'll be so so pretty! (shown here on a Cath Kidston background. I heart Cath Kidston.)

Becky and John sent me an awesome home-made snowglobe. It's so cute!

And Pops and Michele sent me home-made pancake mix, apple butter, apple syrup, and soap. I love all the home-made goodies!

Also thanks to Grandma Doris for some moolah. It will likely be spent on silly, frivolous things.

THANKS, GUYS! You all rock my world!


  1. I don't mind at all!

    Also, I didn't realize that daffodils were your birth flower. Cute!

  2. Did you shake the snowglobe and then hurriedly snap the picture? Well played.

  3. I really like that scarf!