Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday presents!

From Simon: Vladimir, the coolest cane EVER! Check out the crazy eyes going in opposite directions!

From Holly: Cath Kidston sneakers! There's a reason I listed this girl as my significant other.

From Izzi and Tim: super cute purse and tea cups with too-short spoons

From Mel (flatmate): headband and jewelry

From Carina: words can not describe the wonderfulness of this necklace

From Alex: pretty swallow necklace

From Maya: weird but awesome coconut purse

From John and Becky: Vampire Weekend and The Power of Now
From James: The xx and Mos Def

From Ross and Sandra: heirloom quality pearl necklace (!!!!!) and bonus black pearl earrings

Thank you thank you thank you everyone for the wonderful and awesome birthday presents! Those of you who are nearly a month late in sending me my goodies are losers. Though to be fair, I'm greedy and selfish, so I guess I shouldn't sling too much mud your way.


  1. You are right, words cannot describe the awesomeness of the rainbow/unicorn necklace. But I will give you the words of the (male) science teacher at my school:

    "Rainbows are unicorn habitats."

  2. Oh, also, another gift is on its way, that I made myself! It'll be in the Pops/Michele care package.