Thursday, April 15, 2010


Thanks for all the words of encouragement, guys. I'm feeling much better this evening. I don't know why some days it is impossible to think positive thoughts, and other days it's easy. Today, it's easy.

I will get a job, and it'll be a good one. And I'm not gonna worry too much about money at the moment. Stressing about whether I'll have money in the future when I have money right now is kinda silly. Obviously, I should be wise about my spending, but I should enjoy life while I can! Tanya came back from Tanzania today (YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!) and I went to meet her at Paddington station. They almost didn't let her back into the country! She's Canadian and her visa expired in January, but she was in Tanzania already so couldn't renew it. Since she has been working for the school and earning pounds during this time, this puts her in a bit of a gray zone. Border control took her passport and said, "I have to check this with my boss." In the end, they decided to let her back in (she's only staying for six weeks anyway) because the work she was doing was noble and helping Africa. Anyway, we sat in the train station eating Burger King and talking about boys (yes, we haven't seen each other in three months and that's all we could think to talk about). Then she asked if I wanted to go to Italy for a weekend. I've never been to Italy. I've wanted to go for a while. Tanya speaks Italian (in addition to English and French). But when she asked, I got really sad and stressed and was like, "Uuuuhhhhh, I don't know..." I don't know? I DON'T KNOW??? When will I get another chance to go to Italy? With a good friend, who speaks Italian? I've been fantasizing about the south of France for weeks! Of course I'll go to Italy with you, Tantan! Let's go tomorrow!


  1. You are soooooo gonna get your butt pinched :)

  2. That's the spirit gal! Carpe Diem!!! I know how you feel about disappointment and exhilaration: the ups and downs of job searching. I thought the job in Kenya would work out, then I freaked since I realized I need a license to practice law in Kenya (which there's no way I can get one) if I'm not working under a Kenyan lawyer...and they don't have any other lawyers on staff! Ouch! Don't I feel like an idiot for not thinking of that sooner!?!

    I think I alternately cried and panicked for about two days straight. And then I got an interview for a PAID job in Tanzania!!! Joyousness!!!! Ok, well, it's actually a fellowship with a $12,000 stipend, but that's money so I'm gonna go ahead and count it in the 'paid job' category!;) It's in a refugee camp - and I'm not yet sure if my husband will be up to that kind of lifestyle for 6 months or even a year (he says he is, sweet man, but I'm not sure he realizes what it really means), but on the up side, I'll probably get back to a nice slim 110 pounds by 2012...hahaha! I'm going to call this next phase of my life, Ran's Refugee Camp Diet. It sounds more glamorous that way!;)

  3. I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

  4. I can see the dilemma. I think I would go to Italy, even if I were short on cash. You can make money when you're dead. Actually, that phrase doesn't really work, but you probably get the idea.