Saturday, February 18, 2012

Exciting Friday night ahead of me

Yay, someone still reads my blog even though I haven't posted in months! (Thanks, Joderita)

Today's mission: repack all my belongings, chucking out 10% of what remains.

I moved out of my flat last Sunday and got rid of several garbage bags full of stuff. All my belongings are more or less packed up and either ready to go, or already shipped home. But there's still too much. And somehow, my pile of personal effects has grown since Sunday. I have two large suitcases, a fairly large (and full) carry-on bag, a lap-top bag, a large handbag, and two mostly full reusable shopping bags. I don't particularly relish the thought of carting all of that (or even half of it) around London tomorrow, so tonight will be spent jeujeing and culling everything. Must be ruthless.


  1. Ugh, I still remember in vivid detail flying home from France, with WAY too much in my suitcases and crying in an airport in Chicago. Good luck, and may the luggage deities be kinder to you than they were to me! Haha

  2. Ok, first, I read your blog all the time. I will try to be better about commenting, or else, I know the feeling, you won't know whether your blog posts are dissipating into the abyss or actually being read by your friends.

    Second, I feel your pain Sister! I have moved SO MANY FREAKING TIMES in the last ... ummm... well, let's just say it has become a lifestyle. It is amazing how no matter how hard I try to live a frugal and simple life out of a suitcase, I acquire loads of junk everywhere I go. I have left a Hansel-and-Gretel-like train of Me-crums scattered across the earth. Sometimes I've been tempted to just ship it all and spare myself the trouble of sorting (um... I mean in those dellusional moments where I convince myself I could afford that!) But good for not succumbing to such thoughts, and making yourself get rid of things. It is a painful process, but just think about how liberated you will feel when you get to where you're going and have a fresh start!

    P.S. What's this I read about you moving somewhere in a few months? Are you going to see Hugh? Or move somewhere with him? Are you not staying in Bellevue? I'm confused!!!