Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's a rainy day in London town

Thanks, R! You are definitely a better blog-reading friend than I am. I need to catch up on yours! :-s

I did manage to ditch even more of my stuff last week, but it didn't make moving my luggage across London this morning any easier. Ugh! I was getting seriously frustrated going down the sidewalk, cussing in my head and everything. I just wanted my man to come rescue me, but then I had to stop and give myself a talking-to and be like, "Look, no one is going to come help you. This is your own fault. Just suck it up and get to your destination." I've been stressing for the past few days about where to store my suitcases, because I didn't want to burden anyone with them long-term, but I also didn't want to drag them far south to James, then far east to Aparna's, then south again to Izzi and Tim. I was stressing out loud a bit to Holly, and thank the good Lord in heaven she offered to store my suitcases in her office! That means I don't have to move them from house to house each time I change friends' flats; they're on the Piccadilly line so I only have to struggle a tiny bit to get to Heathrow; and I still have a visitor card for the building, so I can pick them up at any time. Phew! So much less hassle!

So yes, Australia. I don't want to be apart from Hugh and I don't see the point in a long-distance relationship. I'm also not keen on settling in Seattle yet (if ever?) I'm officially over the UK, and I'm looking for the next big adventure. So it just makes sense. To me, anyway. Oh, and the weather. I'm tired of rain. Yeah, that's right. I just said that. I'm done with gray skies. But we'll see. It's all contingent on visas and money.


  1. I hope you'll be sticking around Seattle at least until the end of May? I'll be visiting for the last two weeks of May, leading up to Jason's wedding!

    Australia, though? That's exciting!

  2. OMG Australia!!! I HAVE to come visit you there... it is just too amazing to miss! And I think you are super smart to decide what you want and just go for it, rather than hemming and hawing and 'um... but I don't really know what I want'ing. I mean, the whole 'move to another continent to be with my man' thing worked out for Pauline, right? Despite visas and monies and all that. So I have hopes that it will be a grand adventure for you too! You have such an exciting life!!!!:) Thanks for sharing!

    And by the way, I totally feel your pain about dragging luggage around in London. Having dragged luggage around many a city/town/village, I can honestly say London is the worst - so many pott holes and zigzaggy alleys and narrow sidewalks and bumpy bricks. And it's dark and cold and drizzling or at least threatening to... AAAAAA!!!! Fun, not so much. I can imagine a warm, dry, outback landscapes with happy kangaroos frolicking in the sunshine in your future. Amazingness!!!!