Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun with time zones

If you ever want to turn your brain into a bowl of spaghetti, try figuring out why the time zones in Australia are the way they are. And then try to figure out the difference between Adelaide and Seattle with and without daylight savings. Oh, don't forget that Seattle's daylight savings change is three weeks before Adelaide's. Also, don't forget that spring is occurring in Seattle when fall is starting in Adelaide, so you have to spring forward in Seattle three weeks before you fall back in Adelaide. Isn't that FUN?!?!???

Why are Queensland (yellow) and NSW (blue) an hour apart? And why is SA (green) further in the future than Queensland, if the sun hits Queensland before it hits SA?

All this because I want to know what time to arrive at Starbucks tomorrow for a Skype date with my handsome man, who will arrive "around the same time as last week." Last week, before daylight savings started. Ouch.

Don't even ask me what time it is in London right now, because my head might explode. Leaving bits of my heart on different continents, and now different hemispheres, is starting to get confusing.

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  1. I think that should be your new tagline at the top of your blog page! "Leaving bits of my heart on different continents..."