Friday, March 16, 2012

Snapshots of Home: Part 1

I see this as a series of photos describing home, in its American-ness, or its Seattle-ness, or its Peterson-ness.

First, a scene that I normally wouldn't consider odd, if I hadn't spent three years in the UK, where you just don't see things like this. This is American-ness:

Second, some Nakelski-ness. This is my new best friend. He likes to hang out in the corner of Amy and Diana's living room, within sight of the TV:

And now for quite a bit of Peterson-ness. After a healthy day of sport (skeeball) at the Family Fun Center, we spent our winnings on candy and toys. What's better than an inflatable sword? An inflatable SNAKE sword! And what's better than an inflatable snake sword? THREE inflatable snake swords in varying colors!!

The Pi(e) Party with a disconcertingly high baby to pie ratio:

And me showing off my cute dress at Jillian's birthday party.

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