Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm so ronery

Hugh left on Monday and I am not coping well. I mean, I'm not a wreck, but I didn't expect it to be this hard. I'm being totally pathetic. A poster for the new Muppets film had me choking back tears this morning. An article from Singapore set me off at work ("Hugh's in Singapore airport right now...OH LORD, MY ACHING HEART!")

I know a big part of the problem is that I've been stressed out and haven't been sleeping well for a few weeks now, so I'm sleep-deprived (not to mention it's PMS time). I know that's affecting my coping abilities, but I can't change that anyway.

There are moments where I feel like this is a very grown-up experience, and it's helping me mature. And then there are other moments where I feel more like a thirteen-year-old girl who's first boyfriend has been sent away to summer camp, and she mopes around like her life is over. I'm being dumb. I'm going to move over there in three or four months, and it'll feel like no time has passed at all. In the meantime, it'll get easier, right? Tomorrow will be easier than today.

I'm spending a couple days with Corrado and Kasia, which is good because Corrado is one of my favorite people in the world, and it cheers me up being around them. But I have to say goodbye to them, too, and I feel like I've been missing Hugh too much to really enjoy my last moments with Corrado and Kasia. Sigh.

I know I should be happy, because in less than a week I'll see all my favorite Londoners, and then in two weeks, I'll be HOME!! and will be with my sisters and my family for the first time in too long. I'm really looking forward to soaking them up and basking in their glory for a while.

So yes. I'll be fine, and soon. But until then, I'll just be ronery...yeah, a rittle ronery.

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  1. It's ok. I think you're allowed to be ronery and mope around a bit. Everyone does it, even 'grown ups'... whatever that word means, anyways. Hahaha! I mope around when I'm not in the same place as B, even if it is totally my fault and my idea and it is only for a couple of months. We are human, we can't help it, and honestly, we shouldn't have to!;)