Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sydney Day 1

After meeting Hugh at the international airport in Sydney (not to be confused with the domestic airport, which for some inexplicable reason, is separate and nearby, but far enough away that you have to take the subway to get between the two), we hopped on the train and headed into the city. We got off at the Town Hall stop, which brought us into the Queen Victoria Building, a beautiful Victorian-era shopping arcade. (Apparently, the architectural style is "Romanesque Revival") We pulled my four pieces of luggage the length of the building, then exited at the side to reach the street. I expected to be walking at least a couple blocks more, but Hugh led me across the road and straight into the Hilton. The Hilton!! This boy spoils me way too much. We were on the 22nd floor (out of 42 or so?), in a corner room overlooking the Queen Victoria Building. Then he really spoiled me for dinner, with chicken mayo sandwiches from McDonald's ;-)

Victorian-decorated chocolate shop

On Wednesday, Hugh had made a reservation for dinner, but wouldn't tell me where. He took me shopping so he could buy me a dress, but I was being difficult because a) I didn't need a dress (I brought a few in my luggage) and b) I didn't like anything we saw. There was one dress that we both quite liked, but it didn't fit perfectly...and it cost $650. I did let him buy me a $30 sale skirt from Roxy, though. It's super cute!

Westfield shopping center

I had talked with a lot of people about the fact that I was going from summer in Seattle to winter in Australia, and I had been cavalier about it. I figured their winter wouldn't be that different from our summer. When we arrived, it was drizzling rain and slightly on the chilly side (say, mid 50's). We took a break from shopping to have a snack at the department store cafe, and looking out over a park, I was struck by the similarity of the scene to London. Some of the trees had lost their leaves, which was the one thing I hadn't really prepared myself for. It was a jolt to my sub-conscious.

The Strand shopping arcade

Hugh and I dressed up all pretty for dinner, then walked several blocks to (drumroll)...


Rockpool Bar and Grill. Don't be fooled by the "bar and grill" bit. While this place had a casual vibe, it was very fancy and very well thought-out. Set in an old bank, it is one of the posher restaurants in Sydney. The service was very attentive and the food was impeccable. I really enjoyed myself, until I a) started to feel uncomfortably full, and b) jetlag hit and I started panicking about meeting Hugh's family. Anyway, all good fun!

Rockpool dining room

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  1. It's so good to hear from you! E.V. and I were just contemplating how long we needed to leave you alone before we started harassing you for! Thank you for pictures too!!! I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself and I'm really excited to be reading your blog to hear more about everything... culture shock, meeting of parents, settling into your new life...etc.

    P.S. Your man doesn't spoil you. You could never be spoiled! He's just smarter than most men and gives you all the nice things you deserve...hahaha! ;)